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You'll see that we have included additional businesses located within each state. 
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Get Your Goats!  Goat Farms and Ranches in Missouri

Hazy Hollow Farm :: Walnut Grove MO :: Alpines

Jamcin Ranch :: Washburn MO :: Fainting Goats /  Myotonics

Loveland Nubians :: Nubians ::  Goat Cheese ::  Goat Milk

Oaks Whisper :: Cassville MO ::  LaManchas

Triquest Boer Goats :: South African Boer Goats :: Feed Supplements for Goats 

Other Businesses and Sites of Interest in Missouri
Deb's Dogwood Kennel :: Cassville MO :: Yorkies, Brussel Griffon, Poodle, Shih-tzu, Pugs, and   
 Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

Hamby Dairy Supply :: Marysville MO :: Dairy farm supplies and equipment for cows, goats, and sheep.

Maples Bed and Breakfast :: Humansville MO

Mill Street Market :: Humansville MO ::  Grocery discount

Pedigree International ::  Humansville MO :: Registry for  domestic livestock and rare or exotic animal breeds as well as composite breeds of sheep and goats.


Organizations of Breeders and Resources

Southwest Missouri Dairy Goats Southwest Missouri Dairy Goat Association

Alpines International Club

American Goat Federation

American LaMancha Club

American Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Association

Guernsey Goat Breeders of America

International Nubian Breeders Association

International Sable Breeders Association

National Saanen Breeders

National Toggenburg Club

American Sheep and Goat Center


AkbashClub :: ADAA - The Akbash Dog Association of America is the oldest Akbash Dog club in North America; in fact, it is the first and one of the few clubs in the world to have as its goal the support of the Turkish Akbash Dog.

National Anatolian Shepherd Rescue Network (NASRN) :: Dedicated to placing unwanted, displaced and abandoned Anatolian Shepherd Dogs(ASDs)


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